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GoPass365 Overview

The GoPass365 is a discounted bus pass that will allow users unlimited usage of HRT’s services up to 365 days. The pass holder can enjoy riding the light rail, bus, ferry, VB Wave, and the MAX anytime during service hours by just showing the pass and a photo ID. Passes are purchased by colleges, consortiums, and employers to help with the transportation needs of students and employees or as an incentive or benefit.


The pass is available for purchase by colleges, employers, and consortiums. The program cycle is from July 1 – June 30, however; participation is accepted anytime during the cycle at a prorated rate. There are two program options: per pass flat fee and per swipe monthly fee.

  • Per pass flat fee – $200 – $425 per pass with a purchase minimum of 5 passes
  • Per swipe monthly fee – $5 per pass & $0.99 per swipe with a purchase minimum of 50 passes


  • Unique coloring, design, and date stamp
  • Pass must display the company’s or college’s name along with the pass holder’s name
  • Pass can be deactivated upon request
  • Pass can be replaced for just $10 if lost, stolen, or damaged
  • Monthly reports are provided to show ridership and pass usage

Just a few of the related benefits

  • Enhances recruitment & retention
  • Saves bus riders up to $1320 a year
  • Increases available parking spaces for visitors
  • Decreases a corporation’s carbon footprint
  • Saves the commuter the cost of gas and paid parking
  • Encourages the use of mass transit by those who would not otherwise use it
  • Exposure as a participant on
  • Possible tax savings due to pre-tax allowances (; qualified transportation benefit)**
  • An element towards the Best Work Place for Commuter designation

*Program is not available to merchant resellers or individual purchasers.
**Consult a tax professional for information about using pretax dollars for commute costs.

Business Owners & Employers: GoPass365 is an exceptional and economical employee benefit. For more information about GoPass365, contact Ron Hodges, Director of Business Development, or Sheran Johnson, Program Administrator, at (757) 222-6000 ext. 6232.

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